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LockOne LKM7000 End of Life 01/01/2018 . Parts available for the next 36 months

LKM 7000  DOD lock

This locking device provides both high security and life safety. The single motion egress features of the LKM7000 Lock Series when integrated with a high security (FF-L-2740A) lock creates a FF-L-2890 compliant pedestrian door lock. The series offer many device options from exit only to tiered levels of security with integrated access control. For more information go to downloads.

LockOne LKM10K GSA Approved Meets FF-L-2890B

Lockmasters LKM10K


Ready for Shipping

Replaces LKM7000 Series Locks

Lockmasters LockOne LKM10K lock series is the next generation of the 15 year field tested LKM7000 and is designed to meet FF-L-2890B. With over 25,000 LKM7000 locks in use today, we are confident the improvements made in this generation of the lock will exceed you expectations. The LKM10K will field retrofit the LKM7000. For more information go to downloads.

STC / Security Door Program

Sound Control  door STC Door in a Box

Everything you need for installation arrives at your Facility in one package, complete with detailed drawings and instructions. With the majority of the hardware installed.  The need for multiple trade workers is greatly reduced.  Stock Program STC 45-55 ship within 2-3 weeks from approvals. .

For more information and order sheet go to downloads.

Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B

SCIF lock

The S&G 2890B is available in six SCIF type locks and works in conjunction with both of the government -approved combination locks currently protecting national security information in GSA containers worldwide.

For more information go to downloads.

Kaba Mas X-10

X10  DoD lock CD X10

The X-10 was designed and developed as a direct result of the latest revision to federal specification FF-L-2740, now revision B. This revision calls for two distinctly different lock styles. be aware that the characteristics and operating features of a " Style1" and "Style 2" locks are not equal! The X-10 is the only self-contained lock and clearly represents the best overall value. The X-10 was the lock awarded the distinction of being the approved for DoD Style 1 applications. For more information go to downloads.

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